Who should exhibit

Who should exhibit

Organic Food

• Meat and Poultry
• Daily products and eggs
• Vegetable and fruits
• Grains
• Nuts and Seeds
• Legumes
• Ready to Eat

Functional Food

• Plant-based (Food Constituents)
• Probiotics , GMOs , Superfood
• Weight Management
– Ketogenic Diet
– Mediterranean Diet
– Intermittent fasting Diet
– South Beach Diet, Dukan,
and Atkins.(Low-Carb)
• Free-Form Food (Gluten-Free /
Lactose-Free Food)
• Religion specific food
• Gut health food
• Alternative food (Vegetarian Food), Etc.

Novel Food

• Food ingredients with a new or
intentionally modified primary
molecular structure
• Micro-organisms, fungi, algae or
cell culture plants or animals
• Food produced by new production
process that significantly changes
the product nutritionally or in
relation to the food safety risks
• Minerals , Engineered ,
• Ready To Eat food , Etc

Medical Food

• Food for special medical purposes
• Therapeutic or chronic medical
• Non-Communicable Diseases food
• Responsible institution (hospital,
aged care facility, disability facility)
• Sport Nutrition
• Dietary Supplement , Etc.